Tel Aviv Hackfest

Entersoft successfully conducted Tel Aviv Hackfest in collaboration with SQ Link Group, Israel’s leading IT Company on 24 July 2018 at SQ Link office, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv. 

Entersoft has partnered with SQ Link Group recently to promote Application security offerings in Israel.

Hackfest and partnership between Entersoft & SQ Link marks the significance of Indo Israeli Cyber security relationships. Ever since Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Israel, the momentum of the Indo Israel relationships have picked up. Entersoft team visited Israel last year through CII mission during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Israel and established strong relationships with Israeli Cyber security companies. Entersoft currently works with 6 Israeli tech clients to secure applications. Entersoft has also partnered with Segasec, a leading Anti-Phishing start-up based out of Tel Aviv. Entersoft helps Segasec reach to India and APAC markets. This signifies a strong bilateral relationships between Israeli and Indian Cyber security companies. 

The Entersoft Tel Aviv Hackfest attracted over 20 cyber security professionals, 10 leading companies in Israel. A total of 85 tech leaders participated from 10 companies. 4 White hat hackers from India travelled to Israel to conduct the Hackfest. 12 White hat hackers from Israel have participated in the event as well.

59 security loopholes were identified in 12 hours. Leading Israeli companies like Honeywell, Lumenis, ZAP group, Roundforest, Pango, Yotpo, Bilance, Bitmarket, Glassix and Standards Institute of Israel participated in the event. 


“It is great to see Indian Cyber security companies like Entersoft collaborate with top notch Cyber security companies like SQ Link and Segasec in Israel. It proves the possible collaborations in tech, especially Cyber security. Globally, there is a need of 1 Million Ethical hackers and the need is hardly met. With Israeli cyber tech and vast talent pool of Engineers in India, Indo Israeli cyber security synergies are way to fulfil the need of Ethical hackers” said BV Naidu, Chairman of Entersoft. BV Naidu is also Co-Chairman of the “Karnataka ICT Group” set-up by the Chief- Minister of Karnataka to strategize the road map for the Karnataka ICT growth for 2020. In the past, Mr. Naidu has played a seminal role for the growth of the IT Industry in India, in his capacity as Director of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Bangalore & Hyderabad.

“We always want product companies to be proactive. Hackfest is a platform to create awareness and need for cyber security in Hackfest” said Mohan, CEO of Entersoft. 

David Keynan, Vice Chairman of the Indo-Israeli Chambers of Commerce, added saying that this event is a great demonstration of the way Indian and Israeli tech companies could bring mutual value, especially in the sensitive area of cyber security.

SQ Link Group is one of the leading Israeli companies in the IT market with more than 2,000 experts and consultants from various IT fields, enables a comprehensive set of IT solutions as infrastructure services, management of complex integration projects, software solutions, Testing and QA services, Deployment and training services, outsourcing and offshore consulting.

Entersoft is a key player in Application security, a Cyber Security market with global size of over 125 Billion US dollars and works with 300 brands across the globe with a heavy focus on FinTech. It has been awarded multiple awards in Cyber Security including “Hong Kong Fintech of the year” by Economic times in January 2018 and “Excellence in Cybersecurity” by Fintech Australia in 2017.