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Entersoft partnership with BLOCKLOAN

Entersoft is proud to announce a partnership with BLOCKLOAN – Next generation credit on blockchain with global lending protocols & crypto products. BLOCKLOAN is building the ultimate blockchain credit infrastructure, including a global Consumer Lending Protocol & Margin Lending Protocol, as well as a highly-secure Wallet & Debit Card, converting crypto to fiat.

Their mission is to provide global access to funding through the power of blockchain technology.

Entersoft partnership with BLOCKLOAN

“In an age where the world is nearly completely digital, providing secure services is of the utmost importance to protect consumers and suppliers, particularly in the area of financial services. Accordingly, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Entersoft in order to provide world leading security services to protect BLOCKLOAN’s assets and users within its global ecosystem.”  

– Michael Phillipou, co-founder and co-CEO, BLOCKLOAN

Over $1 Billion has been lost to hacks and crypto scams in 2017 alone. Entersoft has helped over 35 ICOs raise $1.5 Billion collectively without a single dollar lost to hacks and scams. Over 50 Blockchain companies including Crypto exchanges, ICOs, and Blockchain enterprises have been secured.

“Companies often fail to invest in much-needed sophisticated layers of security due to a lack of awareness about risk. ICOs are a premium target for hackers, offering clear financial incentive for their malicious attacks. And, as hackers become increasingly sophisticated, ICOs are more and more at risk.”

– Paul Kang, Director, Entersoft

Entersoft is proud to announce a partnership with BLOCKLOAN. Entersoft is BLOCKLOAN’s Crypto Ecosystem partner and will work with them and other ecosystem members to help provide security services for Blockchain, API, Cloud, IoT, Mobile apps and Web Applications.


BLOCKLOAN is utilizing blockchain technology in order to provide a global lending standard for retain lending as well as margin lending. Presently, within countries, lenders operate with different decision engines and therefore, consumers may receive different answers from one lender to the next when it comes to trying to get access to credit. By using blockchain technology, BLOCKLOAN is building standards to address these inconsistencies and inefficiencies.

BLOCKLOAN’s Global Lending Protocol and Margin Lending Protocol will be a permissioned Hybrid blockchain network designed to:

  • Improve accessibility
  • Facilitate secure adoption and growth
  • Remove unnecessary costs
  • Streamline processes
  • Protocols serving the crypto market

For more info or to contact BLOCKLOAN you can find them at:

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin | Telegram

About Entersoft 

Entersoft is a leading Application security company with over 100 FinTech customers and 50 Blockchain companies trusting Entersoft for Smart Contract Audits, Security assessments, DevSecOps & Anti-Phishing. Entersoft’s multi-fold security assessments help you guard your apps against the latest and the most devastating attacks.

Entersoft’s focus is on proactive security through security by design. With their managed service offerings, they currently work with 300+ customers in IoT, FinTech, BFSI and Healthcare. They help their customers achieve a high Application security quotient for their products and instill proactive app security culture in the developers’ DNA.

Entersoft was awarded ETNet Fintech Awards 2017, FinTech Australia Finnie Awards as “Excellence in Cybersecurity” and recognized as “Best Innovation in Cyber Security & Anti Fraud”, 2017 FinTech Startup of the Year in Hong Kong and Outstanding Application Security Solutions Provider. They were selected as one of the best 8 companies out of 200 applicants to enter the Hong Kong FinTech Supercharger Accelerator in 2017.