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As we enter a new decade – we take this opportunity to take a deep look at the cybersecurity space today, and anticipate what will change in the near future. From people-centric targeting to increasing attacks on small businesses – learn about the top trends that will impact you and your businesses in the year ahead.

Cybersecurity Industry Trends
Cybersecurity trends in 2021

As we enter the new year and a new decade with renewed energy and hope, it is now Cybersecurity Industry Trends, a time to look back at the years that went by, take stock of where we stand and prepare well for the upcoming future. 

As a forward-thinking cybersecurity company, helping tens of small and medium businesses protect their assets, data and infrastructure – we thought this was also a good time to take a peek into the future, and identify possible trends that would steer the growth of this industry in the next year, so we are better equipped to address challenges, when they occur. 

So, here is a list of the top cybersecurity industry trends for 2021. 

  1. Digital transformation to drive targeted API attacks: While businesses have been adopting digital transformation technologies aggressively through the last decade, the Covid 19 pandemic proved to be a catalyst for this uptake. Being pushed to quickly transform their digital presence or die out, businesses heavily relied on APIs to achieve that fast growth, without appropriate security measures. Following this, the next year would see a rise in attacks on API-driven technologies, across the world. 

    Solutions such as API Critique, help achieve penetration testing and eliminate vulnerabilities with minimal manual effort. Working as a Scanner + an API Penetration Testing tool, API Critique helps businesses save time, reduce false positives and take the first steps to improve their security posture. 
  2. Small and medium scale businesses to be targeted: Again, owing to the pandemic and lost jobs – last year saw a rise of individual/ small-team driven digital businesses of the small and medium size. While launching your own business and providing crucial services is a task in itself, it is easy for such smaller setups to lose sight of the need for cybersecurity. Even in IT-driven businesses, cybersecurity often takes a backseat.

    But that doesn’t have to be. As SMBs slowly realise the need to invest in a robust cybersecurity solution, they can explore offerings such as Cyber Trust Essentials (CTE), designed specifically for SMBs as a modular, subscription-based solution that helps them customise a solution that fits their needs and pay only for what they use. 
  3. New target industries: There is not a single industry that has not turned to technology solutions to address the real-life social-distancing challenges. Especially people-driven industries such as education and healthcare have seen a major impact, adopting technology to reduce direct contact – giving rise to the era of Edutech and Healthtech sub-industries. These industries will become the prime targets in the year to come – given higher vulnerabilities. 
  4. Human-centric attacks: This will also mean cyberattacks would be targeted at the most vulnerable people – students, patients, etc., Attacks in the digital world, targeting individuals would cause loss of private data, financial information and even identity theft – impacting lives in real-time. For this reason, every business working directly with people especially in Edutech and healthcare should invest early in a cybersecurity solution to keep their systems, people and data secured.
  5. Complexity and volume: The world is moving to a digital first era. In a  country like India, where internet access is rapidly penetrating not just larger cities, but also smaller tier-two locations, there is only more opportunity for cybercriminals to target these unsuspecting individuals and businesses. The next year, with higher internet adoption, we’ll also see a much higher volume of cyberattacks as well as more complex threats. 

As we enter the new year, it becomes important to face the fact that the threat of cyberattacks on individuals as well as businesses of all sizes is real. It is not a matter of ‘if’ an attack will occur, but ‘at what time’ – and it is important to proactively invest in a cybersecurity solution to address such possibilities. 

Entersoft can help you set up and build a security culture, so you’re always ahead of the malicious intruders and have control over your compliance requirements. 

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