Entersoft Takes Top Spots At ET NET FinTech Awards

Entersoft emerged victorious as “Best Fintech Startup of 2017” and “Outstanding Application Security Solutions Provider” at the 2017 ET NET FinTech Awards for their proactive and offensive approach with DevSecOps, which assess applications for various security loopholes.

Mohan Gandhi, CEO at Entersoft, cited security in FinTech as a growing concern, with no markets more directly impacted by its rise than banks, payments and Blockchain. “Data from banks and other financial organisations is a premium target for hackers, offering clear incentives for their malicious attacks. With increasingly sophisticated hacks happening every day – putting more and more FinTechs at risk, we are working hard towards cyber security maturity for our customers. Our success is always measured by the security of our 50+ FinTech customers around the globe. Being a Cyber security company, to win Best Fintech of the year is a thrilling and exciting time for us. This only shows the need for proactive security in FinTechs”, he said.

“Our approach is a combination of offensive assessment, proactive monitoring and pragmatic managed security which provides highly cost effective and reliable solutions to some of the most pressing problems in an elegant manner,” he added.

“Hong Kong has all the ingredients to be the global and regional FinTech hub. It is one of the international financial centers, the freest economy, rule of law, large talent pool, a strong legacy of trade and work ethic”, said Charles d’Haussy, the Head of FinTech at Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK).

The evening saw over 40 startups win awards across several categories in FinTech including banking, insurance, web security, credit, e-payments, trading systems, cash flow, colleges and wealth investment & management.

Startups shortlisted for the award categories were judged on the following criteria:

  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Functionality
  • Impact
  • Marketability
  • Benefits

Entersoft is lead by ex-military intelligence and has a team of certified White Hat Hackers with diverse backgrounds and from various parts of the world, carrying an overall experience of 40 years in breaking applications apart.

Entersoft were also awarded Australia Finnie Award in 2017 as “Excellence in Cyber security” and recognised as “Best Innovation in Cyber Security & Anti Fraud” at Australia FinTech Awards. They were a part of the Hong Kong FinTech Supercharger Accelerator in 2017.

The team will be in Hong Kong for FinTech Finals 2018 and the entire week till Feb 3rd and will be happy to catch up over good conversations around FinTech.

Press Coverage: http://bit.ly/2EnBov6