Dealing with the unprecedented rise of data breaches in India

data breaches in india

As per the recent study by Netherlands-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) Surfshark, data breaches have globally lowered by 58% in the first quarter of 2022. Although USA, Poland, and Russia are the most breached countries, […]


Australia is under attack!

Australia’s recent run of serious data breaches has left many commentators asking some very pressing questions. It seems as though there’s perhaps a lot more to it than meets the eye. Yes, one could describe […]


Phishing attacks – the biggest security threat to SMEs in the digital era

phishing attacks

Phishing has become a common word today, and although many people know what it means, they still fall prey to phishing attacks. Phishing is a type of social engineering, where hackers try to trick you […]


How do you evaluate an external cybersecurity vendor?

external cybersecurity vendor

With cybercrime on the rise, every organization, whether a large enterprise or a startup, should have expert cybersecurity professionals on the team, or onboard a trusted partners. Even if a company has an internal information […]


A guide to CIS Benchmarks

A guide to CIS Benchmarks

CIS benchmarks are specifically followed to secure applications at the configuration level. These activities include server hardening, cloud configuration reviews, browser or database hardening, etc. While OWASP provides insight on application security and common vulnerabilities […]


Withdrawing the Personal Data Protection Bill leaves Citizens Vulnerable

An analysis of India’s Personal Data Protection Bill, benefits and objections of various stakeholders. The government’s decision to withdraw the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 so close to its implementation, comes as a surprise to […]


Application Security Orchestration and Correlation (ASOC) – The future of AppSec solutions

Managing Application Security (AppSec) usually involves using a wide variety of tools that cater to specific situations. AppSec teams usually use tools like SAST, DAST, and IAST to discover and address vulnerabilities affecting the source […]


Data protection, data security, data privacy: Understanding the difference for better cybersecurity strategy planning

data protection security privacy

“Data is the new oil”. The phrase was coined in 2006 by Clive Humbly, a British mathematician and data science entrepreneur. Years on, this metaphor only becomes more and more relevant, with data of all […]


Creating secure applications for children

Secure applications

Designing an award-winning applications for children doesn’t just mean engaging graphics and interactive audiovisuals; in-built cyber security controls, and data protection is critical. When the COVID-19 global pandemic broke out, the whole world had to […]


How to ensure data tokenization is truly secure

Data tokenization

Data is everywhere. Alongside technology, data tokenization is helping solve the most complex, diverse, and dynamic problems in finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education, climate change, sustainability, economic growth, and business resilience. Nowadays, there is no industry […]


Does your organization really need a CASB? Here’s a quick guide

Cloud security access broker

Most organizations have CASB, as a consequence of Covid, migrated their entire application base from on-prem to cloud. They are also simultaneously migrating critical internal applications such as their CRM-based or HR modules to the […]


Combating Risks Through Periodic Cybersecurity Audits

periodic cybersecurity audit

Evaluating your cybersecurity audits program on a regular basis is critical in helping to improve awareness of weak spots, vulnerabilities, and potential risks.  Cybersecurity capabilities continue to expand into uncharted waters, and compliance regulations follow […]


An overview of the best cybersecurity certifications and institutes for young graduates and established experts

cybersecurirty career

A shortage of cybersecurity professionals makes now a great time to pursue a career in the space. If you’ve been considering a career in cybersecurity, there’s no time like the present. Whether you’re an acclaimed […]


OWASP Top 10 or OWASP ASVS – Fulfilling the need for robust software security systems

owasp top 10

The OWASP top 10 for 2021 is the most updated and most referred to list by cybersecurity professionals the world over. This data-driven compilation is a well-researched set of common vulnerabilities used by cyber attackers; […]


Challenges in DevSecOps adoption and strategies to address them


As cybersecurity and data protection becomes more critical, enterprises and start-ups are moving to DevSecOps to embed security controls end to end in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Along the journey, there are challenges and […]


Axie Infinity – Ronin Network loses $620m in the largest-ever crypto heist

nomad token b

Axie Infinity is the biggest gaming platform that rewards users for playing games. Ronin Network, which is also owned by Vietnamese parent company Sky Mavis, allows players to exchange the digital coins they earn in […]


Do you have the right IAM policies to secure your public cloud?

IAM policies for security

In a cloud security breach, the problem is misconfigurations in identity and access management (IAM policy). In a tight regulatory environment, a robust IAM policy can secure your cloud environment from inadvertent data leaks. A […]


Approaching cyber security with a hacker’s mindset

nomad token bridge hack

Organisations today need security experts who use the unpredictability of ethical hackers to build constantly evolving, next-generation cyber security programs for greater business resilience. Relentless, highly intelligent, computer whiz, remarkable understanding of human psychology – […]


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Organization’s Security

Artificial Intelligence

The new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotics are driving the biggest technological and organizational changes since the 4th Industrial Revolution. However, these are associated with potential opportunities as well […]


Cyber Threat Intelligence: A proactive approach to information security

Cyber threat intelligence

Enterprises must look at advanced cyber threat intelligence (CTI) solutions as an investment rather than cost. CTI is a vital component of an advanced cybersecurity program to monitor and identify threats, and act quickly to […]


Log4j 2 vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) – All that you need to know

log4j vulnerability

What is Log4j? A new vulnerability has shaken cyberspace in the last few days creating great chaos. Known to be privately reported to Apache on November 24, it was made public on December 10. As […]


The Evolving Landscape of BFSI & Fintech Industry: Challenges & Solutions

BFSI and Fintech challenges

In the midst of digital transformation and the adoption of emerging technologies such as Cloud, cybersecurity challenges continue to grow in the fintech & BFSI space. To address this, it’s important to consider certain risks […]


How Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) can address gaps in your cybersecurity strategy

vapt audit

While developing an application, it’s very easy to leave security aspects for later. Functionality is key, your app is secure in the way it’s been designed, and you see no necessity to assess it for […]


Automation to manage end-to-end data security

Data security automation

Employing automation solutions to implement data security depends on the particular business context. If your enterprise functions in a highly sensitive or regulated industry, then automation solutions can be a great way to minimize downtime […]


The definitive cyber security checklist for enterprises in 2022

data classification and protection

 An iron-clad cybersecurity program will leave bad actors floundering in 2022. Entersoft shares a definitive cyber security checklist for you to bear in mind while designing your strategy for the coming year What could be […]


Data classification – the first step towards automating data protection


Digitalization is an irreversible trend shaping the future, with countless benefits for people and industries. However, with almost all aspects of life, work and commerce now online, data protection and data security is a critical […]


DevOps to DevSecOps: Rethink your application development process


Among the various development models such as waterfall, spiral, etc, the popularity of DevOps, which is based on Agile methodology, has grown drastically in the past few years. The global DevOps market is expected to […]


Microservices architecture, Kubernetes and application security

sme kuernetes

Since Kubernetes is a container management tool, it is important for teams to secure their application at the start and end of every activity – in the pre-production and deployment stages. DevOps and automation are […]


Security Compliances – A must for organizations

compliences security

What happens if organizations don’t meet compliance requirements? When building an application or website, organizations are responsible for the Security Compliances information being gathered, and how it will be used. This is fundamentally the story […]


Security Operations Centre (SOC) as a service – strengthening cyber security for SMEs

Secur Operaitytiosn Centre

Have you noticed police officers at traffic signals, or security guards patrolling malls? They are part of a sophisticated security system designed to predict threats and prevent them. They usually receive instructions from a security […]


Secure your micro services-based architecture

microservice architecture

Tight security controls and configurations along with third party security reviews will ensure that your container application environment cannot be easily breached. Entersoft offers Cloud Configuration Review that includes microservices based architectures for small and […]


Managing and fixing vulnerabilities gets easier with EnProbe


Cloud-based platforms like EnProbeVMS help enterprises identify and address critical cyber security vulnerabilities on priority, with minimal business impact. Globally, organizations are adopting digital technologies more and more. This has exponentially broadened their ‘attack surface’ […]


Identity and access management (IAM) – protect your enterprise data on cloud

Webinar with Entersoft Security: Register today to build or transform your identity and access (IAM) strategy The dawn of the digital era has brought about an evolution in the business landscape. Business agility has becomethe […]


Cyber Security isn’t Always Built in with SaaS Security Solutions

SaaS security

Model for Enterprises and SaaS is a Preferred Software Providers The days of buying software at a premium and installing it on systems using an exe file are gone. Most organizations have moved to a […]


Cloud security webinar with Entersoft’s experts in cyber security

entersoft cloud webinar

Companies that adopted a cloud security or hybrid cloud strategy have already experienced the benefits of reduced risk, higher efficiency and cost savings. They have also gained business advantages, including faster time to market, scalability, […]


Why Overlooking API Security can Provide a Free Pass for Hackers

API Security

Have you wondered how MakemyTip or Cleartrip seem to have all the information under the sun? How do they procure information about hotel rooms, check the availability of trains and airplanes, and find the best […]


Is Your Organization Truly Safe from Cybersecurity Threats?

cybersecurituy threats

IT Governance magazine reported 143 cybersecurity threats data breach incidents across the world just in April 2021, collectively resulting in 1,098,897,134 breached records. Data breaches can be an extremely costly affair for the targeted organization […]


Where to start on cybersecurity – Black Box Testing

cybersecurity – Black Box Testing

In the past few weeks cybersecurity – Black Box Testing alone, we heard about the data breaches of Air India, Dominos Pizza, and Big Basket. In these cybersecurity attacks, consumer’s data was stolen and posted […]


Edtech – The New Prime Target For Cyber Attacks This Year

Children are the most vulnerable of us. As an edtech business, it is your responsibility to protect your students’ data and private information, at all costs. Are you prepared?


Cybersecurity Industry Trends 2021 – Entersoft Security

As we enter a new decade – we take this opportunity to take a deep look at the cybersecurity space today, and anticipate what will change in the near future. From people-centric targeting to increasing attacks on small businesses – learn about the top trends that will impact you and your businesses in the year ahead.