Entersoft at Supercharger Fintech Accelerator

A Happy Announcement: We have been selected as one of the best 8 companies out of around 200 applicants to enter the 2017 version of Supercharger Fintech Accelerator.

With a robust curriculum and strategic sponsors aimed at creating success in the dynamic Fintech market, Supercharger is committed to steering both startups and established companies into capturing the asian growth market with a jolt of power and efficiency.  In its 12-week program, Supercharger will assist with company building, fundraising, mentorship and advice in areas such as market entry, regulatory obligations and joint ventures opportunities. Every week sees new mentorship sessions, workshops and events.

In six weeks, the SuperCharger team visited 12 cities around the world, traveling over 118,000 km, interviewing over 90 start-ups, and networking with 500+ FinTech community members. 

Bringing together the Hong Kong FinTech community, they shared insights from the various fintech hubs visited, testimonials from their corporate sponsors and V1 alumni, and discussed the future of Fintech Accelerator in the Hong Kong community at large.

Now, to call out the 2017 Finalists:

Bambu – Wealth Management: Bambu is a Singapore-based robo-advisory company. It provides innovative, cost-effective and efficient entry points into investing and wealth management.  

Clare.ai – Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots: Clare.ai is building a white-label chatbot to help banks deliver customer service with more controls and cost efficiencies. It provides a conversational solution based on machine learning algorithms and natural language processing.  

Entersoft – Cybersecurity: Entersoft is an application security provider based in Australia. It integrates offensive assessment, proactive monitoring and managed security to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions.  

FinChat  – Regulatory Techology: FinChat Technology is a mobile-compliance monitoring service provider based in Singapore. Through its all-in-one mobile compliance solution, FinChat ensures regulatory compliance and facilitates collaborative pursuits between financial institutions.  

Foris – Payments: Foris is Southeast Asia’s universal money application. Launching in Hong Kong and Singapore in Q1 2017, it will provide a multi-currency account that allows users to manage money at perfect interbank exchange rates.  

KYC Chain – Regulatory Technology: KYC-Chain is a novel platform built over the convenience and security of Distributed Ledger technology. It helps users manage their digital identity and comply with regulatory norms.  

Squirro – Big Data / Data Visualisation: Squirro is a data insights solution developer based in Zurich. Squirro works with global data-driven organisations and provides solutions in risk, service, and customer insights.  

Xnotes Alliance – Blockchain: XNotes Alliance provides business-driven, currency-agnostic and energy-efficient enterprise class blockchain-based solutions. It provides users with full accessibility control across the transaction process, empowering them to run more efficiently and securely.