Dealing with the unprecedented rise of data breaches in India

data breaches in india

As per the recent study by Netherlands-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) Surfshark, data breaches have globally lowered by 58% in the first quarter of 2022. Although USA, Poland, and Russia are the most breached countries, […]

Australia is under attack!

Australia’s recent run of serious data breaches has left many commentators asking some very pressing questions. It seems as though there’s perhaps a lot more to it than meets the eye. Yes, one could describe […]

Phishing attacks – the biggest security threat to SMEs in the digital era

phishing attacks

Phishing has become a common word today, and although many people know what it means, they still fall prey to phishing attacks. Phishing is a type of social engineering, where hackers try to trick you […]

A guide to CIS Benchmarks

A guide to CIS Benchmarks

CIS benchmarks are specifically followed to secure applications at the configuration level. These activities include server hardening, cloud configuration reviews, browser or database hardening, etc. While OWASP provides insight on application security and common vulnerabilities […]

Withdrawing the Personal Data Protection Bill leaves Citizens Vulnerable

An analysis of India’s Personal Data Protection Bill, benefits and objections of various stakeholders. The government’s decision to withdraw the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 so close to its implementation, comes as a surprise to […]

Application Security Orchestration and Correlation (ASOC) – The future of AppSec solutions

Managing Application Security (AppSec) usually involves using a wide variety of tools that cater to specific situations. AppSec teams usually use tools like SAST, DAST, and IAST to discover and address vulnerabilities affecting the source […]

Data protection, data security, data privacy: Understanding the difference for better cybersecurity strategy planning

data protection security privacy

“Data is the new oil”. The phrase was coined in 2006 by Clive Humbly, a British mathematician and data science entrepreneur. Years on, this metaphor only becomes more and more relevant, with data of all […]

How to ensure data tokenization is truly secure

Data tokenization

Data is everywhere. Alongside technology, data tokenization is helping solve the most complex, diverse, and dynamic problems in finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education, climate change, sustainability, economic growth, and business resilience. Nowadays, there is no industry […]