Cloud security webinar with Entersoft’s experts in cyber security

Companies that adopted a cloud security or hybrid cloud strategy have already experienced the benefits of reduced risk, higher efficiency and cost savings. They have also gained business advantages, including faster time to market, scalability, and business continuity.

Entersoft cloud webinar
Entersoft Cloud Webinar: One stop destination for all your cloud migration needs | Thursday July 22, 2021, 3 PM – 4 PM (IST)

Data security and enhanced cybersecurity are some of the benefits of cloud, however cloud security is the topmost concern for enterprises while embarking on the cloud journey. Join Entersoft’s cloud security webinar with experts in cyber security, data security and cloud security to learn best practices in building cloud security into your organization’s cloud migration roadmap and strategy.  

CIOs considering cloud migrations are concerned about the security related risks involved. Moving data from on-premises to the cloud may lead to misconfigured servers leaving data vulnerable to cyber threats. There are also other risks such as data loss during migration, downtime that can result in revenue loss, and managing compliance obligations to avoid penalties.

At the cloud security webinar, companies will learn about managing the risks of data security and ensuring cyber security during cloud migration with the right strategy and skillsets. Among the best practices for cloud security during a migration are:

  • Following the principle of least privilege, which is to deny all accesses by default, and only enable them based on request and approvals
  • Enabling multi-factor authorisation on all cloud accounts, and encrypting the data at rest and in transit
  • Put in place a process of automated backups to avoid data loss and ensure business continuity
  • Performing periodic cloud configuration reviews, code reviews and penetration testing on cloud based applications
  • Leveraging security solutions provided by your CSP and other third party vendors
  • Training your employees to raise awareness and vigilance on cloud security and social engineering attacks
  • Constant monitoring of your cloud resources and your users activities 

Entersoft is a leading application security provider helping businesses across fintech and blockchain technology, secure their applications, through future-ready solutions that help keep up with the changing technology landscape.

Join our experts in the cloud security webinar as they share common risks that companies should be aware of while migrating to the cloud and how to incorporate best practices to mitigate these in the cloud roadmap.

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