Entersoft to conduct IoT Hackfest in Bangalore

Entersoft Security in collaboration with IOT Forum India and TIE Bangalore is conducting IOT Hackfest on 7th November 2017 at TiE Bangalore as a part of IOT Next

Details of the event below:

A study by AT&T indicates a 458% increase in vulnerability scans of IoT devices. Hackers are constantly looking for vulnerable devices to attack.


HackFest is a 24 hour challenge organised by TiE IoT Forum and Entersoft Security to help startups think about security proactively, by having top-notch white hat hackers hack their products in 24 hours.
The goal is to raise awareness about IoT Security for startups and product companies in Connected Homes/Smart Cities/Infrastructure, Healthcare, Industrial IoT and other IoT sectors.  

What Can IoT Product Startups Learn from HackFest?

At Hackfest in Bangalore, you will learn how IoT Devices can be hacked and hardened. Teams of white hat hackers will explore vulnerabilities in your IoT products over 24 hours. Hackers will also help you fix the identified loopholes. IOT STARTUPS CAN APPLY HERE

What’s in it for White Hats?

White hat hackers will get to hack Bangalore’s leading IoT innovations. You will team up with fellow hackers and help startups fix the security loopholes identified. Come with your laptop and required tools! The winning team will get exciting prizes. APPLY AS A WHITE HAT HACKER

Conditions for Participating in HackFest
  • He/she shall bring his/her working IoT Device, which can be allowed to be hacked. A demo of the product’s features and functions is required.
  • He/she shall present their product to the teams of white hat hackers.
  • He/she shall agree to let ethical hackers hack their products for 24 hours.
  • White hat hackers will sign a non-disclosure agreement to participate in HackFest.
  • White hat hackers shall bring their own laptops and tools.
  • White hat hackers shall pledge to fix the identified bugs.