24 Hours, 5 Hackers - 7 Products Secured!

Posted by Entersoft Team on 28 juin 2019 22:38:02
Entersoft Team

Entersoft hosted the Brisbane Hackfest earlier this month, as a practical, ethical hacking event to test digital assets of participating companies for vulnerabilities and fix them immediately with the help of our expert cybersecurity team. The 2-day program was organised in collaboration with AustCyber, Advance QLD and OCQE at The Precinct, Brisbane, Queensland. 


Businesses from a variety of backgrounds, hailing from across the Australian continent participated to have their product security validated and proactively strengthened. Vulnerabilities across severity levels across - low, medium, high and critical - were identified across their products. The highly competitive nature of the event ensured that hackers strived to uncover bugs quickly.  

It was a great opportunity for startups and SMEs to secure their applications and educate their product developers on the need for and importance of application security. On the second day of the event, Entersoft took the opportunity to demonstrate how our expertise in application security could help these businesses harden their security posture, and improve their overall preparedness to face, and reduce the damages of a cyber-attack. 


Travelbit, NewVote, RedEye, Kitovu, CoinSpot, V-Key 


Bugs found:

A total of 4 Critical/High-risk, 3 medium-risk, 18 low-risk vulnerabilities were identified, across designated products from these businesses. 


By taking part in the Hackfest, businesses achieve benefits such as - 

  • Cost effective security validation for their products
  • Launching their private bug-bounty program
  • Security testing of their product, for the very first time


The next Hackfest is planned to be organized in Paris, France. Read more about the upcoming Paris Hackfest, and sign up to participate here - https://resources.entersoftsecurity.com/en-us/hackfest-paris-2019

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