Introducing Jared!

We are very pleased to announce Jared’s arrival to our team as a social engineering expert.

Jared has been responsible for working with some of the world’s largest security systems and product providers. He has developed numerous innovative cyber security solutions and oversees multiple projects to ensure that client expectations are met.

Jared brings to Entersoft over 15 years experience in the human aspect of technology, with a strong focus on Social Engineering. Steady involvement with international companies in the USA, Israel, India, UAE and Australia has put Jared on the forefront of the latest security technologies. He has achieved a unique perspective of the human aspect of security through his interactions with the Pentagon, Whitehouse, DARPA, Tel Aviv Police Command, Lockheed Martin, Tesla, Microsoft and Yahoo.

His understanding of human psychology and communications, along with an extensive security background has helped us expose social engineering as the top security threat to organisations today. Working continuously with our team of White Hat Hackers, Jared has been able to gain access to a number of sites through social engineering. Jared is then able to consult with the incumbent security provider and ensure the business is secure.