Identity and access management (IAM) – protect your enterprise data on cloud

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The dawn of the digital era has brought about an evolution in the business landscape. Business agility has becomethe very foundation for successful enterprises. While cloud migration is critical to this transition, it brings along with it numerous cyber security threats that surface each day. Companies are most at risk from threats that target identity and access management (IAM).

Cyber-attack incidents involving such breaches can cause significant business disruptions, including extended downtime, financial impact and reputational damage, or even hefty fines for regulatory non-compliance.

Identity and access management (IAM) is a critical risk to mitigate

With workforces working from home, or remotely, IAM becomes a critical aspect for companies to address.

Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (2021 DBIR), found that 61 percent of breaches involved credential data. “Social engineering, hacking and malware continue to be the favored tools utilized by actors in this region,” as per the report.

Identity and access management
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Challenges in identity and access management arise due to:

  • Lack of automation
  • Lack of skilled staff
  • Not utilizing available technologies
  • Password management and authentication
  • Detection and/or mitigation of insider threats
  • Cloud migration
  • Increasing use of mobile devices

Dual-pronged approach of IAM solutions and training offers stronger cyber security for enterprises

However, identity and access breaches can be easily prevented. A dual-pronged approach – by adopting an integrated identity and access management (IAM) solution along with cybersecurity training and awareness – will enable strong risk management and good security posture for enterprises.

Entersoft’s webinar will give you a close up view of what makes organisations vulnerable, supported by fact-based evidence, use cases, solutions available and best practices.

Key aspects of an all-round IAM solution include:

  • Robust identity authentication policies &procedures
  • Managing access centrally to business-critical applications and data
  • Automating controls and restrictions
  • Periodic reporting
  • Application of security policies as appropriate

Learn the latest in authentication practices and access managment

Identity and access management (IAM) ensures a secure cloud environment for seamless workflow and uninterrupted value creation. It is a safeguard for enterprise data, reputation, business and customer trust. The latest trends in authentication practices and access management can help you implement or transform your IAM strategy.

Entersoft is a leading application security provider helping businesses across fintech and blockchain technology, secure their applications, through future-ready solutions that help keep up with the changing technology landscape. Join our experts to build an strengthen your IAM strategy.

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