A Glance at the Hong Kong Startup Fintech Ecosystem

Building on the momentum from the first week at Supercharger, we moved into our 2nd week on a strong note.

Everyday brings a new opportunity as we participate in an incredible series of events organised by StartMeUpHK and InvestHK for the StartMeUpHK Festival 2017.

On Monday, we attended the Fintech O2O International Fintech Pitch Evening (proudly organised by Nexchange and Cyberport). We got to see a wide variety of other startups from across the globe pitch their ideas and an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals who recognise the impact of technology on traditional finance. 

On Tuesday, we dropped by the Asian Financial Forum to get a broader understanding on some of the developments and trends that goes on in the dynamic markets of Asia. In addition to plenary sessions on topics such as the global economy and opportunities in China, it was great to see an entire session dedicated to cybersecurity. We are glad that the Hong Kong financial services industry understands the importance of having a secure setup.

The StartMeUpHK Venture Forum on the same day also brought us more insights from inspiring keynote speakers, investors, entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals. 

Between 18-19Jan (Wed-Thurs), we attended the Next Money Fintech Finals where we saw our fellow Supercharger Fintech startups BambuClare.ai and KYC-chain pitch and compete against 21 other startups for prizes and cash. We would like to congratulate Ned Philips from Bambu for winning in the best early-stage startup category!

On Friday, we focused back on how we can refine our pitch by attending a Pitch Perfecting Workshop organised by the Supercharger team. In the afternoon we were paid a visit by Digital Ventures, a subsidiary of the Siam Commercial Bank- one of the largest banks in Thailand. 

The past week in Hong Kong facilitated a lot of deal match-making and we truly got a broader picture of the Hong Kong startup ecosystem – we saw up-and-coming disruptors in Retail, Fashion and Health and also had a closer look into investors mindsets from all the events that happened the past week.