What is your approach to security - Manual testing or a Web scanner?

Posted by Entersoft Team on 17 juin 2019 18:57:15

A good answer is - Both.

There is no silver bullet to cybersecurity. Conventional approaches rely entirely on a single type of testing - either manual or automated web scanners - leaving business leaders in a difficult spot of choosing one way or the other for their products. While manual testing brings nuanced and intuitive strategy to the table, it could cause human-errors while taking several days to deliver results. On the other hand, automated tools that give instant results, do not promise the intuition that an actual human contributes. To add to the uncertainty, security testing vendors often position their approach as superior to the other, underplaying obvious shortcomings, jeopardizing entire products or businesses.

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How secure is your fintech business?

Posted by Mohan Gandhi on 14 mars 2019 19:29:55

Fintech or Finance-technology is today one of the fastest-growing industries across the world, encompassing segments such as payments and remittances, wealth management, credit technology, blockchains, regulation technology, online insurance etc., each of which are whole industries in their own right. Driven by digital innovation, fintech is rapidly changing the way individuals and businesses perform financial transactions, be it to shop online, pay insurance premiums, evaluate credit scores or pay salaries.

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What does a security breach really cost?

Posted by Mohan Gandhi on 5 mars 2019 20:26:35

FBI Director Robert Mueller once said, “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.”  Every business, no matter its industry or scale, is a potential target and unless there is a strong security culture in place, odds are that a breach will occur, causing a loss of information, leakage of critical data or direct financial fraud. We have witnessed organizations across finance, healthcare, governance, retail, transportation, energy and education targeted by cyber-criminals in the last one year alone.

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What Happened at the IoT Hackfest

Posted by Angad Gill on 27 nov. 2017 21:52:26


Entersoft Security in collaboration with IOT Forum India and TiE Bangalore conducted IOT Hackfest on 7th November 2017 at the TiE Bangalore office.

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Entersoft Vulnerability Overview: Insufficient Attack Protection

Posted by Entersoft Team on 3 juil. 2017 20:52:10


What follows in the article is a brief overview of a OWASP Top 10 2017 vulnerability - A7-Insufficient Attack Protection.

This post is useful for beginners who want to understand about Insufficient Attack Protection and for developers to help protect their applications against this vulnerability.

Whenever a user with malicious intention visits any application, his first motive is to damage the application or to create a sense of panic among the application’s admins or users who are using the application.

It is natural behaviour for most attackers targeting an application to perform extensive research about the application, its services and categories of users accessing the application. The research usually starts with an ‘information gathering’ phase which includes collecting information about the application stack and usernames that are available to any random user who has access to the application, in addition to observing contact-us forms’ structures.

Once the attackers have enough information about the application, they try to start with their attacks on the application. 

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Entersoft Essentials: Android Security Guidelines to Secure Your App

Posted by Angad Gill on 21 sept. 2016 23:16:50


Lack of security standards at any market place makes it difficult to manage security controls at an application level. Having a strong security checklist in place not only improves app security but the ecosystem involved in the development process, as well. Also, robust security standards and well set guidelines differentiate a platform from the others.

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