Entersoft Essentials: Android Security Guidelines to Secure Your App

Posted by Angad Gill on 21 sept. 2016 23:16:50


Lack of security standards at any market place makes it difficult to manage security controls at an application level. Having a strong security checklist in place not only improves app security but the ecosystem involved in the development process, as well. Also, robust security standards and well set guidelines differentiate a platform from the others.

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10 Security Principles For IoT Developers To Abide By

Posted by Angad Gill on 7 juil. 2016 03:28:56


1. Security vs Convenience

We as human beings always try to balance between convenience and security. A soldier with heavy body armour would be slow on a battlefield but invulnerable to most attacks. Bare minimum armour would give more mobility but might tear apart at the slightest hit of shrapnel. More convenience leads to lesser security. The first and foremost principle IoT developers should follow is to not compromise on security for the sake of convenience.

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Have you performed this 15 point simple security checklist for your web application?

Posted by Angad Gill on 10 mai 2016 05:09:00


A new dynamic revenue generating website is popping in the internet every 1 min. Do you know how many lines of code written in a day? Over 500 million lines of code! Yes, True. Millions of lines of web application code is written everyday across the globe.

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