How secure is your fintech business?

Posted by Mohan Gandhi on 14 mars 2019 19:29:55

Fintech or Finance-technology is today one of the fastest-growing industries across the world, encompassing segments such as payments and remittances, wealth management, credit technology, blockchains, regulation technology, online insurance etc., each of which are whole industries in their own right. Driven by digital innovation, fintech is rapidly changing the way individuals and businesses perform financial transactions, be it to shop online, pay insurance premiums, evaluate credit scores or pay salaries.

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Entersoft Security Pack: FinTech

Posted by Mohan Gandhi on 25 juil. 2017 17:39:07
Banks now work hand in hand with companies in Fintech. Banks regularly partner with Fintech startups to implement innovative technologies such as Robo advice, Chatbots, KYC and Regtech, Blockchain, Wealth Management, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and so on.
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A Week at Fintech SuperCharger 2.0

Posted by Angad Gill on 18 janv. 2017 14:20:29

Supercharger, what a great way to begin our acceleration! Being part of Supercharger can fuel Entersoft to fulfil the mission to be the best in application security. Entersoft is well-positioned to meet this goal by being 1 out of the top 8 startups selected to be part of the Supercharger accelerator program. 

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Fintech Security: Think Application Security from the start, build security culture!

Posted by Mohan Gandhi on 4 nov. 2016 18:56:50


The current global investment in FinTech is estimated at $13.8 billion with $4.5bn invested in the Asia-Pacific, across 140 deals; according to KPMG and CB Insights’ “The Pulse of FinTech” report. Let’s agree, FinTech is disruptive and it is the future. Many new technologies like Bitcoin and Blockchain are changing lives, everyday. More than a million applications have integrated bitcoins. P2P lending, faster payments, robo-advisors and automated trading will be severely affected if application security is not accounted for from the start.

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