Latest ICO Hacks and Pitfalls

Posted by Angad Gill on 7 févr. 2018 08:11:21

ICO attacks are new normal in 2018. On an average 10 ICOs get hacked every month. Successful ICOs are all about correct execution. 

Most founders do not factor in the required cyber security practices to launch tokens and end up losing millions to silly hacks. ICO startups are left with very few options after a heist.

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Interview with WandX

Posted by Angad Gill on 24 oct. 2017 02:48:07

In our interview for this month, we venture into one of the most trending topics these days  and try to understand a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain - WandX. A brief chat with the CEO, Abhinav Ramesh to discuss cryptocurrency based assets, FinTech in India, ICO hacks and P2P trading. 

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